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My favourite *FREE* causes - kanghodong

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August 21st, 2011

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10:25 pm - My favourite *FREE* causes
These are my favourite causes that are FREEEEE! Since I like to do charitable things on a budget of $0 lol. Please take a look at them :)

Greater Good Network
Cost of helping: FREE
All you have to do is click links and sponsors make donations to various causes. I love how simple it is and I use the iphone app every day.

Here is a link specifically to the animal rescue site where you will also find the links to all other greater good sites. You literally just click one button to donate FOR FREE.

Okay so this one isn't free BUT YOU DO GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!! and it's so simple
One that I'm very involved in and I personally think it's really fun,

You browse through the profiles and information of various people and groups in third world countries (and now Detroit) who run their own businesses such as farming, groceries, textiles, etc.
You make a minimum $25 loan to the person of your choice and once their business starts up they PAY YOU BACK and you can either reclaim your money or loan it to someone else.

I only have $50 in my account but I've made 5 loans. This is my profile in case you're interested

My loans:

The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition (TO BRING AN END TO HORSE SLAUGHTER IN CANADA)
and their blog:

Here is how you can help

Flyer (which I WILL be handing out)

tyfyt, please give a shit :)

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